Holy Bag Fees, Batman: UA doubles second checked bag fee

United Airlines announced today that they have DOUBLED the fee charged for checking a second bag on domestic itineraries from $25 to $50. I guess they are testing all of us to see if we’ll pay more and assume we aren’t paying much attention.

Until the airline bean counters see that this policy is costing them bookings, they’ll continue to push it as far as they can.

My advice is simple: BUY DELTA: they are the only large airline left out there not charging for checking the first bag and are no doubt revisiting their policy every time a new fee is introduced.

P.S. Southwest charges no bag fees whatsoever and are the most customer-friendly when it comes to fees.

2 Responses

  1. You are an idiot. The GOOD GUYS are the ones who charge people more for checking bags, and don’t make the other passengers who only travel with hand luggage subsidize the cost of transporting other passengers luggage!

    For years we have had to say the same regardless of whether we checked in any bags or not. This meant WE were paying for people who check in two 50lb bags for free. That is just not right.

    Don’t think of this as an extra fee (airline tickets are so ridiculously cheap as it is). Think of this as simply leaving out the playing field a bit. You luggage whores have gotten a free ride for long enough!

    Don’t buy Delta! They’ll be charging the fees as soon as the merger with Northwest is approved anyway…

    And you are just plain wrong when you say that “Southwest charges no bag fees whatsoever!” Just look on their website…$25-50 for overweight, $50 for oversize, and $25-$110 for each bag over 2! Yes, the fees are less than other airlines, but don’t lie to people and say they don’t exist!

  2. If airlines charge extra because of the increased cost (i.e.weight) associated with a second bag, then shouldn’t we all be stepping on the scales when we fly and be charged $x per lb of weight?

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