Top 10 Things You Can Do About New Airline Baggage Policies

So by now you’ve likely read about the new baggage policies the airlines are implementing that charge you for checking bags. In most cases, the first bag is free but American Airlines announced today that they would start charging $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second bag. At InsideTrip we are passionate about being the best source of travel information and, in that spirit, offer our newest Top 10 List:

InsideTrip’s Top 10 Things You Can Do About the New Airline Baggage Fees

  1. Save space by finally making that long discussed leap to thong undergarments
  2. Tell the service agent your family still cannot believe that your brother-in-law is actually allowed to run the airline
  3. Trial size, trial size, trial size
  4. Save space by changing socks every other day
  5. Who needs all those silly toys when shoelaces can be just as fun
  6. Buy a ticket for your bag
  7. Three words: Nudist colony vacation
  8. To save weight, suggest the airline creates new industry-leading cotton candy inflight service
  9. Tell airline personnel that the only numerical system your religion will allow is strict adherence to the Dewey Decimal System
  10. Per the Rick Steves travel nation, discard your unwanted clothing at your destination to make room for souvenirs

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3 Responses

  1. Very funny and possibly necessary. It wasn’t too many years ago that airlines wanted us to check our luggage and limited the size of bags brought on board the aircraft. I can see a real problem with flyers now carrying the largest acceptible bag they can get on board until no space for the last boarding groups is left. I can just see the flight attendants having to tell those flyers to “cough up” $15.00 while the earlier boarders sit and watch.

  2. How about:
    11. Pay for baggage charges with jars of pennies.

  3. How about wearing as many clothes as possible? three pairs of underwear, shorts, pants/skirt, three t-shirts, sweater/cardi, jacket – that way all you have to pack in your carry on bag is trial size toiletries, cosmetics and shoes! I’m only half joking – this is actually how we travelled to Spain one year as poor British students but it was motivated by having more luggage room for cheap duty frees than to avoid baggage charges.

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