The 4 Things You MUST Know About Travel This Week

  1. AIRLINE MERGERS: Not happening in the near term due to oil prices and lack of labor cooperation.
    • Dave’s Take: GOOD. Mergers will most certainly drive up prices and reduce frequent flier seat availability.
  2. AIRFARE INCREASES: Pricing hikes led by AA, DL, and UA are increasing some prices between $10 and $50.
    • Dave’s Take: BAD. With oil at $100+ per barrel, airlines are scrounging for any way to remain profitable at the expense of your wallet.
  3. JETBLUE CHARGES FOR BEST LEGROOM: In an effort to differentiate their seats that offer the most legroom, Jetblue will begin charging for the best seats of the plane.
    • Dave’s Take: GOOD. JetBlue, already offers the best economy legroom in the in US at a minimum of 34″ which will still be free.
  4. ALOHA CHAPTER 11, ALOHA: Aloha Airlines files for bankruptcy protection.
    • Dave’s Take: PUSH. Even though they are in Chapter 11, Aloha is nowhere near liquidation and a very good brand. Fly them without risk for the time to come.

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